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ReAqua’s technology provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly avenue to both recycle produced water and filter produced water prior to injection down hole. Filtered water presents an opportunity to create a third revenue stream (water sales) for SWD’s, reduce cost & freshwater consumption by E&P’s and extend longevity of the injection well by injecting nearly iron-free water.

The ReAqua unit design utilizes a filtration technology that removes fine metals, suspended solids, and other contaminants found in produced water. The water quality downstream of the ReAqua process meets or exceeds nearly all E&P frac water specs and, in addition, enhances the longevity of saltwater disposal wells and surface equipment.

The ReAqua unit reduces the operational cost of maintaining an injection well by greatly reducing the amount of chemicals used to treat and clean the wellbore. By removing solids from the stream, the filtered water reduces friction inside the well bore and can reduce the operating pressure of the injection well thus reducing the energy required to inject water at high pressure.

We recycle, reuse, and reclean water.