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Water Treatment Solutions

Media Filters

250 & 500 GPM Designs

Remote Monitoring & Control

Cellular access

Robust Oil Field Design

316L Stainless Steel process system

Trailer Mounted Option

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State of the Art Controls

Fully automated operations & chemical adjustment

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Zero Carbon Footprint

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Unit Process & Design

Key Benefits


Customizable modular design


98+% suspended solids removal


Remote monitoring & Control


Fully portable


No labor required

Additional revenue stream for SWD Operators (frac grade water sales)
Reduced injection well maintenance costs
Reduced chemical use
Enhance longevity of the injection well
Reduce well bore scaling & reduce injection pressures

Design Features

Fully modular design with 25’ x 8’ footprint
Fully automated controls system & auto adjust chemical injection
Full containment skid design
316 Stainless ANSI pump with VFD
316L stainless steel process system & tank internals
Remote access & on-board wi-fi network
Integrated industrial instrument air system
Low maintenance

ReAqua Water Treatment

The ReAqua unit provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly avenue to both recycle produced water and filter the water prior to injection down hole. The filtered water presents an opportunity to create a third revenue stream (water sales) for SWD’s, reduce cost & freshwater consumption by E&P’s and extend longevity of the injection well by injecting nearly iron-free water.
The ReAqua unit design utilizes a filtration technology that removes fine metals, suspended solids, and other unwanted compounds from the produced water stream. The primary objective of the ReAqua unit is to remove iron and suspended solids from the stream which are known to clog and obstruct perforations in both saltwater disposal wells and producing oil & gas wells. The unit is designed for a flowrate of 250GPM with a throughput ranging from 6,000 to 7,000BWPD (after backwash) and removes between 90 and 99% of the iron in the produced water stream and removes iron sulfide entirely. The water quality after the ReAqua process meets or exceeds nearly all E&P frac water specs and, in addition, enhances the longevity of saltwater disposal wells and surface equipment.
The ReAqua unit reduces the operations cost of maintaining an injection well by greatly reducing the amount of chemicals used to treat and clean the well bore. By removing the solids from the stream, the filter water reduces friction inside the well bore and can reduce the operating pressure of the injection well thus reducing overall power and energy required to inject the water at high pressure.

We recycle, reuse, and reclean water.